I have problem syncing goes to 85% and does not go any further, i have win10 and the latest wallet 0.11.8383


I had this problem before. I had to email them and they sent me directions on how to sync my PC clock with their universal clock in order to sync and be able to boot to 100%. Unfortunately there is no other way. Its different between a mac and PC but they’ll give you instructions for both. Hope this helps

Email support.

I’m on a mac. I had a “your clock is out of sync problem” – I just rebooted and it all worked.

But one time it got stuck at 94% or something, and it just would not go on. I did reboot, but it did not help. I found the blockchain files in a directory, it was DB1.0 or something like that, I deleted them all and restarted the app. It took about 3 hours to resync everything. Apparently with 1.3 It will be much quicker. I was thinking to do it as a speed test, but I just can’t be bothered. If you do it, post the result on this thread. :slight_smile:

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