Forum scam alert

I’ve had what looks like the start of a scam attempt by private message here in the forum.

I’m not going to name the sender or take any other action because this is only a suspicion, but I thought it would do no harm to warn people.

This person says he makes a living out of crypto investing and wants to talk crypto with me. He’s not someone I’ve engaged with, in fact he’s only made two posts in total.

So draw your own conclusions. And be careful out there!


Thanx for the heads up!

Talking crypto can be done in so many way’s with reddit, telegram, wechat, twitter, meetups, etc.

I hope that our community takes proper precaution against phishing attacks and others, and hopefully nobody gets involved in a scam on the forum here.

A simple warning like this is a good reminder that there are people out there that will do anything to get at your stash of crypto, and it is good to share suspicions like this, stay safe all.


Another reason for people not to share how much ada they own on a public forum.