Friday fun - how fast is your internet speed?!


Happy Friday everyone! :slight_smile:

A little fun… who’s got the fastest internet speed at the moment? Post up your results below!

PS I’m quietly confident but won’t post quite yet :wink:


40/25Mb/s ergo ~5/2MB/s


20.6Mbps. Not great but good enough – SO much better than in my previous place (rural)…


On it says 359.25 Mbps Download and 40.09 Mbps Upload
(my ISP subscription is: Down 400 Mbps , Up 40 Mbps)
Switzerland :heart_eyes:


@rickymac, this topic waits for your fabulous entrance :slight_smile:


Pretty good latency here, but damn, my Wifi isn’t fast enough for the fibre line.


Not bad at all so far, but not a winner :nerd_face:

@CosmosX winning for now on the download… nice symmetrical speed from @werkof :sunglasses:


Prepare the trophy:

205 mbps download/190 mbps upload.

This is on WiFi. Lan is more like ~600mbps up/down.


Hmmm… maybe a silver trophy but not the gold… :wink:


Hmm. To my defense: I have a symmetric gigabit connection to the main router. It just gets watered down inside the building.


Any more entries for today’s bit of fun? If not, I may need to post mine up…



Not great compared to some here!


@cf_jonmoss Wait…do you have fast internet or something?!
I’ve NEVER heard you talk about it!?! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


@cf_maki.mukai the cheek! :wink:


Since @rickymac is not here - I will pledge for him :slight_smile: By his own words - he has ~900 Mbps external download speed and only because “he’s getting ripped off” since he should have 1 Gbps :sob: The discussion may be found here:


Ok, here we go… :sunglasses:


Imagine all those torrents that could have been downloaded :sob:

@cf_jonmoss after waiting to post this beauty be like:


Thanks for the heads up!


@cf_jonmoss @vantuz-subhuman
Ok here is my go… I have seen higher. Does the combined total download and upload both count? (It is still Friday where I am located).


Haha, you posted that thread? :slight_smile:

Now people are going to my reference that 900 Mbps can allow some one to stream 600 HD movies simultaneously.