From Korean Community : solution to infinite loading problem when you restore your wallet

Hi everyone, this is the forum post from Korean community.

Our Korean community member @ONEQ1 wants to share his own solution to solve the infinite loading problem that happens when you are restoring your wallet. Please share your idea on this!

  • this is for the ‘Window’ users.

When the problem occurs

Step 1. Delete Daedalus from ‘Window Settings’

Step 2. Press ‘Windows key + R’ to execute ‘Run’ and input ‘%appdata%’ to access Roaming folder.

Step 3. Access ‘Daedalus’ folder


Choose either step 3-1 or 3-2 from below

Step 3-1. Change the folder name ‘DB-1.0’ to 'DB-1.0_backup, and then delete rest of the folders and files completely with ‘Shift + Del’ keys. This is to reduce time when restoring the wallet.

Step 3-2. Delete all the files from Daedalus folder. (You need to delete those completely with Shift+Del key function) -> Restart your computer and go to ‘Step 8’

Step 4. Restart the computer

Step 5. Important! Download and install the latest Daedalus wallet. (The latest one is the most stable one)

Step 6. When you see the Daedalus icon, start Daedalus and see how the syncing is going.

Step 7. Shut down the wallet when the syncing reaches 0.02%~0.05%

Step 8. Press ‘Window+R’ to start ‘run’ and input %appdata%, then access to ‘Daedalus’ folder. Then you will see DB-1.0 and DB-1.0_backup folders.

Step 9. Delete DB-1.0 and change the name of ‘DB-1.0_backup’ to ‘DB-1.0’

Step 10. When you start your Daedalus, the syncing will be completed and you will see the menu. Press ‘Restore’ and start restoring your wallet.
Input different wallet name from the previous one in the first tap.
Input 12 restoring phrase in the second tap
Do not set the password.

Step 11. After finishing setting up, start restoring. It took 1h 30m for mine, and after it is done, I set the password.

After these steps, my wallet functions with no problem and I also helped out some people who had the same problem with this process.

Tips - How to set the wallet password?
Enter the wallet you want to set a password for then click the ‘setting’ button on the 5th tap.
Click on the button ‘Create’ then set your password.

you will see the progress as time goes by! (between 1h or 4hrs I guess)