Fully synced before transfer?

Does Daedalus have to be fully synced in order to transfer ADA to yoroi. 3 days and only 50% synced. Yoroi ready to go. Thanks Guys. PS I can see the ADA in Daedalus even tho it’s not synced

Yes, you are right, in Daedalus you need to be 100% sync yo br able to fo transaction.

But why sending ADA from Daedalus to Yoroi? Just restore your Daedalus wallet in Yoroi directly using seed phrase of Shelley wallet. No need to create new wallet in Yoroi @Kiwifitchick

Hope it helps. Have a nice weekend.

Hi and thank you.
I think that’s what I’m trying to do but I can’t find clear instructions.

Here,try to watch this Youtube video How to migrate Daedalus to Yoroi Wallet - YouTube

Or read the FAQ from Yoroi official website Yoroi - Light Wallet for Cardano

Maybe if you still want to use Daedalus, try to read this: 'Connecting to Network' message – IOHK Support

Thank you. I’ve been through all those info sources. The you tube videos are 2 years old now and the platform doesn’t even look the same anymore. You have confused me tho by saying you need your Yoroi seedword to restore Daedalus ADA when the videos say you need your Daedalus seed words to restore. So you are confusing us even more. I know you are trying to help but it has become more confusing.

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Oh sorry, did I type it like that. I mean please use your Daedalus seed words to restore in Yoroi. Sorry for the misunderstanding.