FUN - What is your best short summary of what Cardano is about? - FUN

@jaindevash caught me off guard looking for an answer to what Cardano is all about it, I thought the community probably has several different way’s to summarize what the Cardano project is all about
Do you guy’s have a good summary - following is my own that I tell people

It is a Academia peer reviewed 3rd Generation blockchain project built with a mathematical programming language that will be similar to Ethereum but also will be decentralized in all aspects as it attains its goals of giving its stake (coin) holders the ability to control by vote its future development’s.

I speak my short description better than write it

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Lovely summary!!



Someone named David Thomson wrote this on Quora about Ripple (XRP):

“Back in 2013 when ripple was new and a team of 5 and moving into our old offices, I was explained by them that Bitcoin is the envelope, but Ripple is the stamp. Apply that outside of swift and you can see the vision.”


So if I had to use an analogy to describe Cardano, I would use this one:

If cryptocurrency is to be the “Tree of the Life” that will bring harmony to and nourish the world, then Cardano is the “Mother Nature” that will grow and sustain it.

It does nothing to explain what Cardano is about in the technical sense, but I think it makes people understand the vision behind it.