Fungi Stake Pool [FUNGI]

Pool Details
Ticker: FUNGI
Pledge: 240K
Fixed Fee: 340
Variable Fee: 0%

We’re strong believers in the vision of the Cardano project and the power it has to change the world for the better.

FUNGI is a single-operator stake pool run by an IT professional with over a decade of experience in the sector. We aim to do our part in helping the Cardano network grow and achieve decentralization, just like the natural fungal mycelial networks that span the globe.

FUNGI utilizes fast, purpose built bare metal (physical) servers powered by renewable hydro-power over a 1Gbps fiber connection in tandem with battery backups and cloud redundancy.

Our offline cold tx signing node is run off of a LifePo4 battery bank charged with a 120W solar panel

We’ve set up our nodes to run 24/7/365 processing transactions, generating blocks, and earning you rewards!

We make regular donations to various organizations and research projects that are utilizing the healing power of fungi for the benefit of humanity and the earth at large.

Fungi pool is the founder of the Cardano Renewable Energy Stake Pool Alliance (CRESPA) formed with the intention of bringing together like minded stake pools running off of renewable energy sources. DM me if you would like to join!

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