Getting Topology Peers - Extremely Unlucky?


It’s been about 10 epochs and we’ve never been selected as a BP. Just curious if we are extremely unlucky.

Our pool is d8cb476e181ba4fad925f5750352250652994768a4db91506261ed4c

We tested was accessible using a 3rd party tool. It is.

When we run cardano-cli query tip --mainnet, on relay1 and BP we get syncProgress: 100.00

Topology log says: { “resultcode”: “204”, “datetime”:“2021-09-14 16:11:01”, “clientIp”: “x.x.x.x”, “iptype”: 4, “msg”: “glad you’re staying with us” }

240k Pledge. 375.74k Live Stake

Further below is our grafana showing relay and BP are buddies and chat back and forth.

Peers in grafana has always had “No Data”.

Are we missing something? We are spinning up a 2nd and 3rd relay in hopes we increase our chance that someone friends us from their topology. That’s the only thing we can think of.

Thank you in advance for any input!

You have enough chance to mint 1 block… did u checked the cncli leaderlog each epoch? U had missed blocks?

Can u share the glive output for all 3 nodes?

All ok on

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the quick response and checking things out! We see you helping a lot of folks out. Thanks for your hard work!

After installing, configuring, waiting for cncli db to reach 100%, we ran: cncli leaderlog … --ledger-set current

Below is the output. I’m can’t find details on what sigma, d, and f mean. Is it saying we’re assigned 22,093 slots in the current epoch?

“status”: “ok”,
“epoch”: 290,
“epochNonce”: “xxxxx”,
“epochSlots”: 22093,
“epochSlotsIdeal”: 22335.18,
“maxPerformance”: 98.92,
“poolId”: “d8cb476e181ba4fad925f5750352250652994768a4db91506261ed4c”,
“sigma”: 1.0340359594698303,
“activeStake”: 375741364109,
“totalActiveStake”: 363373595152,
“d”: 0.0,
“f”: 0.05,
“assignedSlots”: [
“no”: 1,
“slot”: 39916806,
“slotInEpoch”: 6,
“at”: “2021-09-12T14:44:57-07:00”


  "no": 22093,
  "slot": 40348787,
  "slotInEpoch": 431987,
  "at": "2021-09-17T14:44:38-07:00"


gLive on the Relay or BP errors out with “COULD NOT CONNECT TO A RUNNING INSTANCE, 3 FAILED ATTEMPTS IN A ROW”. I’ll still try to get it to work. Even though journalctl cardano-node.service, grafana, cncli, and don’t show errors, should we be concerned gLive giving an error? Updated variables in env, but gLive is still grouchy =/

Thanks again!

U had/have blocks assigned but u missed them… tell me when u are available for a teams session

Thank you so much! Can meet whenever. I’m Pacific GMT-7. Looks like you’re 10 hours ahead at GMT+3. Want to shoot for 4pm tomorrow your time? That should be 6am here. If not, please let me know what works for you.

Join conversation or feel free to send a meet now link =)


Now or in few hours is not ok?

Wait 2 min, I will send the team link

please join

Thank you again Alex for all your help, valuable knowledge, and walking me through setting up a new relay/bp! You are amazing!!!


Congrats for the block :slight_smile:

Yay!!! Thank you again for your time and patience in spinning up new 16gb-ram relay/bp and walking me through your amazing instructions at: How to set up a POOL in a few minutes. It was much easier than,, or the instructions that used to be on!

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