gLiveView Processed TX


I am a newbie for ADA staking. I have setup a relay/block producer node following the guide on coincashew website. All works fine so far. gLiveView shows Processed TX count increasing.

Now, I would like to know for you experts, what exactly “Processed TX” mean. Does “Processed TX” fetch any rewards in ADA?

BTW, please excuse me if this question has been asked before in the forum. Would be very helpful if someone points me in the right direction.



The tx processed confirms to you that u are connected with the blockchain… for rewards u will need to create blocks

Thanks Alex.

Creating blocks is not a easy deal I guess. Anyway, its good learning for me.

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Yes, you will need lots of stake in the pool. I believe by current parameters it’s around 1mil ADA to make a block each epoch.

Definitely. I’d encourage everyone to manually (not automated tools) configure a stake pool on testnet. It may take a week to figure out everything, read the docs and tutorials, but you’ll learn a lot about the platform.

Wondering if there is a remote chance for creating blocks if you have - say 1K stake??

Also, would it be possible to check the list of slot leader pools?

You can calculate it for your pool. See here:

Not so much for other pools as that would be a security problem. Someone could DDOS those pools.

Very low chance… :frowning: