Good day peoples! I'm Meyestro from Synergy Blockchain

Hello there. I actually have a question or two, but I think I’m suppose to start with a 'lil bout me.
So , let’s see, I’m in the U.S. East cost baby!
I started in the “crypto” space in 2014, mining. Around 2017, I started to understand blockchain to the point that I could see the innovative potential for this burgeoning tech.
That’s about when Synergy Blockchain LLC was born. Basically, Synergy is positioning it’s self as a blockchain/tech business incubator. There’s a lot of room for first to market concepts, and that’s what we focus on, particularly projects that have a heart for bettering humanity and disrupting bad-stuff :innocent: :wink:
We’re presently working on a universal healthcare project and a news media project ( a new major media paradigm). That, my friends, is a killer project. . . just wait and see. . . We are looking at implementing cross-chain protocols and we want to use ADA as one layer.
Anyhoo, I think that’s enough about me for now. On to my questions.
Recently, on one of C.H.'s live updates, someone mentioned that we need some t-shirts for the Shelly party. Interestingly enough, I had been kicking around starting a Cardano brand: ADA BOY.
So I set aside some time and made some pretty cool designs.
Who should I speak to about ADA BOY?
And who should Synergy contact for further discussion on our initial two projects?
Thanks in advance and have a blessed day!


Welcome Meyestro, sounds like you’re working on some really awesome stuff!

I don’t have solid answers on your questions, but regarding your projects, I think your best bet is to reach out to the Cardano Foundation ( Their mission is to spread the adoption of Cardano so it stands to reason they would be the ones you would talk to about your projects and the market potential and reach.

Thank you and thank you.
Guess I’ll give that a shot for the projects.
And I’ll keep looking, about the T-shirts.

Baruch Hashem.

Ask them about the T shirts also!

Roger that Donny. Anyone in particular or any particular place on that site?
I’m kinda happy with my designs. I came up with a . . . classic one tonight.

Maybe start off with Andy Hendrikx and see what he thinks?

Here is a list of the foundation team DM him.

Also look this over. Always looking for new Ambassadors.

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Thank you kind sir.

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Maybe start off with Andy Hendrikx and see what he thinks?

Here is a list of the foundation team DM him.

Also look this over. Always looking for new Ambassadors.

I would definitely reach out to @emurgo_nico he is the guy behind Emurgo’s start-up projects in NY and
Daniel Friedman ( he and his teams are responsible for IOHK business partnerships.

Keep us updated.

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Mr. Brinker, thank you so much for the specificity. You have the official gratitude of Synergy Blockchain LLC.
I will indeed keep you updated.


Just sent a summary to Daniel. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Thanks again. I kept it all to a 6 minute read. Guess I’m learning not to ramble so much. HA!
Don’t see a contact for Nico.
Is there a directory? I looked on the site.

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Try hit him up on Telegram.

Nico is at Emurgo.

Thanks fellas.
I did try looking on Emurgo’s site first. Found him, no contact info. I’ll try Telegram in a minute.
Maybe I’ll try to contact Prahna today for the shirts.
. . . . You guys wanna take a peak of some of the designs?

OKAY! Found him on Twitter. Waiting for his reply.
Waiting . . .
. . . still waiting . . .
. . and waiting. LOL
Guess it’ll take him more than 60 seconds.
I’ll just go ahead and give you guys a peak in the meantime.

The brand is called ADA Boy, pronounced Atta Boy

You like?

Shelley is spelt with an “e” before the “y” isn’t it?

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Fixxed, thanks.

Nice! :smiley: