Greetings from Eva Oberholzer, the Cardano Foundation’s latest Swiss team member

Hello Cardano Community,

My name is Eva Oberholzer, and I am delighted to join the Cardano Foundation as Chief Growth Officer, a new role which has recently been created ahead of new components rolling out with Goguen.

I have joined the core Cardano Foundation team working out of our headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, a place of immense natural beauty and a bustling hub of financial and blockchain technology innovation for Europe.

Although many of you will have read the official announcements regarding my appointment, I wanted to take some time to personally introduce myself, share my background, define my priorities and role within the Cardano Foundation, and give our wider community an opportunity to find out what motivates me.

I joined the Cardano Foundation in October 2020, and I was immediately struck by the passion our community and wider Cardano stakeholders had for the protocol. In just a few short months after Shelley, we already had almost a thousand stake pools registered, and multiple community-led initiatives underway, which have attracted thousands of users all eager to advance the Cardano protocol.

As Chief of Growth for the Foundation, I will of course be looking at ways we can leverage and accelerate this huge community resource we have in place, and extend our existing community to include enterprise clients, strategic partners, and institutions, meeting their needs at the management level to create new opportunities.

In my previous roles, I had the pleasure of working with newly created digital banking establishments, innovative blockchain startups, and I also held the position of Head of Communications for Digital and Industries Services for PwC Switzerland.

Throughout my time in these roles, I developed strategies for growth acquisition, brand building, marketing, and communications, while also exploring opportunities for sustainable and strong development—something I will be looking to deliver within the Cardano ecosystem.

I will also be using data-driven insights to identify the needs of Cardano’s evolving audience, and positioning the protocol as a competitive and ready to deploy blockchain solution ahead of the rollout of tokenization, smart contracts, and decentralized applications.

In my personal life, I enjoy travelling to beautiful places in my self-converted campervan. I am very much looking forward to getting to know our existing community within the coming months, and also welcoming new participants into our ecosystem.



Congratulations Eva and welcome to the community!

It’s great to see the creation of the CGO role and to have the position appointed to an obviously very capable person. Good job CF!!


Congratulations on your new role Eva

It’s a great community and so many smart people to learn from, i’m sure you will embrace the opportunity before you.
After all, anyone who does their own campervan conversion, will have had to overcome several challenges and learnt a lot about themselves and how to succeed, otherwise you get wet and/or go hungry !!!

Looking forward to seeing you have a key role in Cardano’s future

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Welcome to the team. Hopefully soon we can talk and find solutions together. Cardano is bigger than all of us together is why dialog is so important.
All the best
Maria Carmo

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