The Cardano Foundation welcomes Swiss-Canadian Josianne Seydoux to its Operations team

Hello, Cardano community,

My name is Josianne Seydoux, and I am delighted to have joined the Cardano Foundation in August 2020 as a Management Support and Events Coordinator in the Operations team. The last month has been a very positive experience getting to know the Cardano Foundation team and our wider community, and I have been very thankful for all the flexibility and the accommodating nature within the organization so far—especially helpful as I have just moved from Mexico City to Switzerland after two decades spent abroad!

In brief, my mission at the Cardano Foundation is to make our offices, our internal and external events, and our operations run smoothly. I will be supporting the Foundation Council and the Legal and Finance teams with administrative tasks that are designed to make everyone’s life easier. In addition, once the Covid-19 pandemic is under control and gatherings are part of all our agendas again, I look forward to organizing and hosting many various events—such as meetups, conferences, and hackathons—for the Cardano community.

I will also be welcoming new members to our flagship Ambassador Program and am looking forward to getting to know our Ambassadors from around the world.

My professional background is quite eclectic, however, this is my first incursion into the blockchain space. Previously, I have had the opportunity to work with international financial and legal firms in Mexico City, a place I called home for the better part of a decade. Though I grew up in Switzerland and Canada, from an early age I had a fascination with the Spanish language and Latin American culture.

After my studies, I spent two years truly getting to know the region, culture and its people. Having lived in developing nations for many years, I am thrilled about the possibility blockchain holds to create a more equitable and just society on a global scale.

Another country dear to my heart is Canada. There, I spent my formative years completing high-school and a Bachelor’s degree at McGill University, in Montréal, Québec. My travels and time spent in different countries and cultures has afforded me knowledge of the German, English, Spanish, and French languages, and I hope I can use these skills to interact with multiple segments of our community.

In my free time, you can find me riding motorcycles, on a weekend trip to a small town or wine region, hiking in the beautiful Swiss countryside, roaming a flea market, cooking, or dreaming up my next big sailing adventure. I have had the opportunity to sail the Western Caribbean, as well as parts of the South Pacific, and I love the vastness of the ocean as well as remote anchorages you find along the way. Back on dry land, I also enjoy nights out with friends, live music, and I am a Japanese food fanatic!

I am thrilled to form part of the Cardano Foundation team and can’t wait to keep learning about blockchain and Cardano alongside all of you. Thank you for welcoming me to the ecosystem.



Welcome in the team of the Cardano Foundation and back in Switzerland Josianne! :+1:t4:

Looking forward to work with you.


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Welcome to the family! By the way I lived couple months in Mexico City too and I loved that city!

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Welcome to the Cardano community!!

With a wonder women like you on board, you I’m looking for magical events to happen. Thank you very much for this beautifully introduction.

Welcome and congratulations

A warm welcome Josianne!

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welcome Josianne