Have I missed getting in around $0.10?

I notice Cardano has jumped this past week! I’m only interested in HODL but still want to buy in low.

I heard everything crypto was expected to dive and then climb again earlyish December.

Any opinions on that? Or have I missed getting in around $0.10? :woman_shrugging:

In fairness nobody can answer your question with 100% certainty (too many variables),

All each of us can do is speculate, based on our own research and what our own individual aspirations are.

Given that the crypto market is so correlated to BTC, you probably first need to consider, are we heading into a ‘bull’ or ‘bear’ market or something in between ?

BTC is more of a decider where the market is going than probably anything else.

Something else to consider:-

Individual projects, may well have good fundamentals, be making great progress/adoption/functionality/use case etc.etc.

However, world events/governments/‘Whales’ could further manipulate the market, accidentally or intentionally and your plans will thrown into disarray if the actions they took are positive or negative for crypto

In Summary, any decision has to be your choice.
Personally, i will keep adding little bits when there are dips as Cardano for me is a longer term project and i just love what their building and developing.

If bull market, then you’ve probably missed 0.10 Cents

If bear market, there may well be further opportunities to buy at your figure.

In the 3 years i’ve been watching this market, one of the best principles i’ve chosen to adopt is DCA (dollar cost averaging)

That way, it removes a lot of the stress of trying to guess the highs and lows, overall I just wish it was something i had learned in school !!!

Good Luck

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Thanks i totally get that it’s not a linear or exact science. It’s a bull market surely so I’ll keep a close eye over the next couple of weeks then make my decision :pray: