Haven't minted a block since epoch 271

Hello everyone,

I’m starting to get a little concerned about our nodes and pool. We went live with our MAHALO pool (ticker MAHLO) on epoch 257 then minted on epoch 271, but have not minted since. Is this normal? Given our $105K pledge, what is the expected number of blocks we should mint in one year?

Thanks very much for your help.


Cardano Reward Calculator - Dynamic Strategies lists the below block expectations for your pool pledge/delegation

Adapools lists your block minting probability per epoch at 8.55%


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I’m not certain but I my guess would be that past epochs have no influence on future epochs so your chance is ~ 0.085 every epoch dice roll. Just because you haven’t minted a block your chances don’t change in a new epoch. Over time you are expected to even out but there is no guarantee.


I will be honest with you because I was in the same situation… you will need to find more delegations the pool should have ~1M for 1block/epoch average… I know it’s hard to accomplish this but otherwise you will not make blocks frequently :frowning:


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Thanks Alexd1985 and map84 for responding. Yes, getting 1M stake is going to be very difficult. :frowning:

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