Having trouble with Daedalus connecting here in beautiful NW

I’m new here so please forgive me if this is not appropriate to post here, but I just downloaded and installed the wallet and all it does is say it’s “connecting to network” but nothing happens! I have watched the video. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it! All it does is “connecting to network”!!!
WTH guys?! Some suggestions would be great! Thanks!

I moved your poat to the correct category, to help us help you in solving the issue you are experiencing. You should specify a bit more on your previous installation.

What OS are you using9
What version of Cardano did you install?
Did you verify the PGP key for the download? (your installation file may have gotten corrupted during downloading)
Are you using a VPN?

Did you try on/off button? jk :slight_smile:

Without knowing the details, i am going out on a limb and suggest this:

Sometimes you get stuck if you are using a shortcut to access Daedalus. The proper way to access your wallet would be to have a shortcut to an application called cardano-launcher.exe (that is on windows) NOT daedalus.exe. you can see it on the properties of the shortcut.

In the standard windows installation you would find this app on your program files->daedalus.

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Which internet provider do you have? Every time I open my Daedalus I need to connect through my T-Mobile hotspot in order for it to sync. I used to have Xfinity at home, but since I switched to AT&T Daedalus cannot connect anymore.

Please start with official support:

And let us know how it works out.

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You should have written more information than just the type of occurring error. Usually, when problems with accessibility happen it’s a good idea to disable VPN or vice versa enable it. If you don’t have one here you can read reviews on different servers and pick the one you like. After that check whether you can connect or not.