Unintstalled then reinstalled Daedalus 3 times. Still "connecting to network"

Hello there, I’ve never had this issue with the previous version of the wallet. Ever since i updated, i’ve seen nothing but “connecting to network” I uninstalled and reinstalled daedalus 3 times and still no luck…

UPDATE: Daedalus now opens and shows my wallet balance, but before it does, i get this error pop up?? Any solution to this? Also note that my wallet immediately opens after this pop up, and doesnt even sync blocks, despite me not having opened it in days…is my wallet connected to the the cardano bloockchain?

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I linked the FAQ in a reply to Rob in another thread.

I have the same problem here and already tried everything. the FAQ is bullshit, didn’t help at all. last NIGHT i was about to buy a little ADA, but since i can’t access my freaking wallet, I made up my mind and bought XLM.


@BrazilianJungleBoy Daedalus Works fine here. I’ve installed it for testing purposes on a dozen of different computers, different operating systems and languages. Are you interested finding out what’s gone wrong on your computer?

ive been connecting to network as well for maybe an hour. Im running on a macbook pro mac OS high sierra

i tried both on my desktop and laptop, in none of them worked. don’t get me wrong, i believe in the project, but right now i’m really pissed


First of all it’s important to understand that Daedalus wallet is not just a wallet. It runs a complete copy of the entire Cardano blockchain as a node on your computer. The visible desktop wallet application connects to this local node. And the node connects to public nodes on the Internet.
That’s why it is important that you start the wallet INCLUDING the local node with the icon on your desktop. Don’t try to start only the deadalus.exe or the “pinned to taskbar” icon. This would start only the wallet, without any connection to the blockchain.
When launched in a correct way it will ask you for extended permissions in order to start the local Cardano node.
A lightweight wallet (not running the full node but trusting to other nodes on the Internet like most other currencies wallets do) is announced on cardanoroadmap.com

The current Daedalus release contains a special support function. You can send logfiles potentially explaining the startup problems on your computer to the support desk.


the thing is, i cant even send log files. Even that isnt working for me. I press “Submit” and it doesnt go through. I’m going to go through the FAQ and try my luck.

Здесь очень много дают советов, но для простых пользователей это совершенно непонятно. Если хорошо понимаете как установить кошелек, то лучшее решение это написать пошагово всю установку. Иначе не получается, а так все будут благодарны…

The installation works normally. There is nothing special to consider.
Afterwards you should use the icon on the Windows desktop to start it and not pin it to the taskbar.
Another cause can be if port 8090 on the local COmputer is already occupied. It is helpful to know that Daedalus Wallet on TcpIP port 8090 communicates with the local CardanoNode. If there is already another software on the local computer that uses port 8090, the local node cannot start and the wallet cannot connect to it. In this case the message “connecting to network” will appear first in the current version 1.1 and then after a short time in the upper half the possibility to send a support request. If you do this, Daedalus tries to communicate directly with one of the public Cardano nodes on the internet on port 8080 (not 8090).
By the way, you can simply call http://localhost:8090 in your web browser on your local PC to see if the CardanoNode could be started successfully. In that case, he reports “This server only accepts secure HTTPS connections.” back. If another software port 8090 is used, the message will be a different one.

However, it does not necessarily have to be another software that already occupies this port, but it is also possible that a firewall prevents communication. Make sure that port 8090 is allowed on your local PC. In addition, they should also check whether connections to port 3000 from their computer via their router and Internet provider are possible and not blocked.

Спасибо за ответ, но все равно трудно разобраться, это не задача пользователя, это должны решать программисты и дать готовый продукт. Вот что я должен ввести в эти поля на скриншоте, чтоб мне помогли установить кошелек. У меня есть ADA , но я не могу ее спрятать в кошелек потому что невозможно установить. Я хотел бы еще приобрести , но боюсь, потому что негде хранить…если не трудно подскажите , что я должен вставить в эти поля…

Без вирусов. www.avast.com

В вашем случае я бы порекомендовал запрос поддержки на этой странице: https://daedaluswallet.io/faq/#support
Нажмите на синюю кнопку, затем на зеленый.
В форме справа внизу введите имя и адрес электронной почты, по которым группа поддержки может связаться с вами. Насколько я знаю, в IOHK есть некоторые российские разработчики, которые могут вам помочь.

Кроме того, вы можете в Daedalus (как показано на скриншоте) также
Ваш адрес электронной почты
и введите описание проблемы.
Включите опцию ниже, чтобы отправить файлы журнала вашей установки Daedalus в службу поддержки. Вы будете намного лучше в состоянии помочь вам.

Спасибо за содействие, попробую действовать по Вашему совету…

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I have not been able to use the wallet because of this bug. My ada has been on exchange since Feb. I tried all the fixes including sending info to developers twice. If the price ever goes back up I want out. I use a mac laptop and wallet has only ever said connecting to network…


Yeah. This same prob has been going on for me 2 months now. How to trust the project when the basics are so problematic


I deleted every file related to Daedalus on my PC… reintalled and after 16 hours of syncing the blocKhain, i am finally going to be able to restore my wallet…that with itself is currently taking 10 hours… This wallet is an absolute MESS.


What would be helpful is for folks to talk about their experiences with the various parts of the Cardano team – IOHK, Imurgo, and anyone that has challenged the roadmap. These are the areas where I think we are more likely to see red flags or areas where we can give great feedback. Yes, the wallet is apparently a big issue. Maybe run a survey on that so we understand the nature of it and who is and is not impacted. Yes, there was an issue with syncing with one of the exhanges a month to 6 weeks ago that was clearly IOHK’s issue. Let’s understand better how things go when they don’t go well. I think that will tell us much about Cardano. I am currently in love with the project and I like what Charles is doing but at least parts of the team seem incredibly new to professional life and I have concerns about how market priorities are reflected in the roadmap.

Чтобы кошелек установился, Английский язык должен быть как default на вашем компьютере, а также время должно быть установлено как windows.time. У меня были проблемы с запуском кошелька еще старой версии, пока я не изменил язык и время на своем компьютере. Сейчас нет проблем и с новым кошельком, переустановился и работает хорошо. Конечно разработчики обязаны починить это, так как многие имеют аналогичные прблемы.

Bullshit. You think hundreds of people have gotten it wrong and you’re the only guy that has it right?

I finally got mine running and dumped all of the ADA I had, and it was actually quite a bit. Thankfully, since this shitty project is continuing to go downhill.

What I had to do was go through a VPN. Don’t ask me why, i don’t understand it,. but that’s what made it work for me.

Yeah, the troubleshooting steps on the website are bullshit and a waste of time, plus the tech support is either incompetent, non-existent, or both.


What VPN did you use? Im still trying to launch the wallet and still having issues…been about 2 weeks and no response back from support… I honestly dont even know what a VPN is, but im hearing it helps. I am actually considering buying a new laptop specifically just for daedalus.