Hello All My Intro to Black Star Stake Pool

Hello, My name is Richard and I am the owner and operator of Black Star Stake Pool I have a current Pledge of 450K ADA and a Stake of 79K ADA personally.

My pledge is 100% my investment and commitment to the pool of delegators I chose not to have any other investors just incase of disagreements of change of heart by investors.

The Pool is operated and maintained 24/7 day a week by a human and software to ensure uptime no one can guarantee 100%

The purpose of this pool is to get funding for social change in low-income communities and for personal funding I hope to obtain your trust in staking with Black Star.

My Pool Explained

Black Star Stake Pool SetUp;
Pledge : 450K ADA
Personal Stake: 79K ADA
Fee : 2.5%
Fixed Fee: Min of 340 set By IOHK (this fee is split between all who delegate to any ADA Pool)

Main Server is internally housed Ryzen 5 3600 1TB SSD for the core node and 140GB SSD system storage 1GB Verizon fiber optic data line
5 VPS relay split across the world until P2P is established by IOHK


Sorry for not including my Pool ID but here goes

Pool ID: 68f866aa0448d8066426be9e913c171f7f8cc07c0def4eaf92e5df2b
I also have a backup battery in the event of power loss and a backup system running privately in the event of system crash


I like your logo!