Hello Everyone!

I just joined the forum but I’ve had Ada and the Daedalus wallet for a few months now. I love the ideas the developers have at Cardano and I think its going to be an amazing coin. I’m no expert but I think by 2020 Ada might be the top crypto coin on the market but thats just my opinion…Also l I found a coin called dinasty I’m not sure but I think its forked from the cryptonote blockchain kinda like Monero. It has a GUI for mining and you can even use your CPU if you dont have a graphics card that mines.Im currently letting the GUI run my Cpu an AMD FX9590 8 core OC’ed to 5Ghz and an Asus RX480 and I’m getting between 900 H/s and 1.3 KH/s. I made about 1200 Dinasty in 24 hours. Dinasty is worth like 2 tenths of a cent right now but its easy to mine and if it catches on you stand to make a good profit. Worst case your electricity bill is a bit high.
Anyway I hope its ok that I wrote about that but I think people should know about it and give it a shot. Even if you just use a little of your CPU the interface allows you to pick how many cores of your CPU you want to use. My FX9590 was around 150 H/s using 4 cores. I like that the coin is worth so little so it seems like you are making quite a bit rather than being hopeless making 0.0001 Monero a day!