Hello from cold (-18c) but sunny Finland

Age: 52
Gender: mail
Occupation: Entrepreneur (M.Sc. (B.A.)

First of all it is honour to have opportunity to introduce myself to you Guys, who have been on the scene months or some even years.

I started to study cryptos at Christmas holydays. My knowledge before that was zero. Ended up to invest all the extra cash (and some more) to Ada. Also considered other altcoins and even Bitcoin, but the facts spoke on behalf of Ada. Also the Cardano team is wondeful and I think Charles is at least as inspiring visionary as Steve Jobs was.

So, I can tell you the Bullmarket can not be far away if even my kind of conservative and ignorant guy changes his mind about Cryptos - the masses are coming :slight_smile: !

I think the Ada’s price fluctuation will separate from BTC after Q1 and the marcet cap of Ada will start to come closer to top 5 coins. So even if bearmarket continues to second half of 2019, ada will be 5x after Shalley + 2x after Coinbase and other 5x after first major announcement of big brand partnership (predictions for entertainment use only).

And finally I think the prices today are ridiculously low for Ada. At these prices I would sell Ada only in utmost necessity and keep the coins at least to Q2/2019. I did not even bother to buy in potholes. For me, it is almost the same does the coin cost 4 or 5 cents. My objective was just to get the desired amount of coins and start hodl :).


Welcome from equally cold Canada!

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Thanks Zenman!

What a lovely message! We love reading about how community members get involved with Cardano :heart:

Welcome to the Cardano Forum @Markada19!!

Thank you Maki.Mukai and greetings to the IOHK team, You are changing the world!

How you doing Finland, welcome aboard Markada 19. Nice to see so many 50 plus grabbing the opportunities for their future and their families.

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Hello there Knysna, yes this is the opportunity to grap indeed. Btw, we visited Cape Town and Stellenbosch at our honeymoon with my wife 22 years ago. I still think South-Africa is the most beutiful place on Earth.

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Thank you Markada 19 i agree with you totally. You built very fond memories i am sure. Most Tourist hit CapeTown and the wine route then head up to Knysna, a 4 hour journey away where they are in awe again.