Hello from crypto Canada

I’m here for tech support. Downloaded the Mac wallet off the website and it’s not a new wallet. It’s already got 1000 coins and it’s passworded. In the options it says password last changed 6 months ago. What the heck is going on? Whos wallet did I download? Haha

If I were you, I would not receive any ADA to any address in that wallet.

If you don’t have the spending password and you know that the 1000+ ADA do not belong to you just delete the wallet and create a new one.

What program did you download and from what website?


Could it be that you had it installed long ago, received some funds, then uninstalled the wallet and forgot about it?

Hello from Crypto Canada too! Toronto to be exact :slight_smile:
Welcome to the Cardano Community…great to see your from Canada as well.
As for your issue, like canopus said, DO NOT send any Ada to that wallet.
Delete it asap and create a new one.

From what i understand this is impossible.
When you download Daedalus there is no wallet it need to be created.or restored.

There they are. I was wondering where 1000 went. :yum: