Hello from Orlando/Colombia

How is everyone doing? my Name Is Aldo Currently residing in Orlando, I have to thank the ADA Community for pushing me to start learning or at least have a better understanding of the programming languages like HASKELL, My goal is to expand the BlockChain ecosystem in Colombia and share great info about the space to every person I meet. My priorities is to assist disenfranchise people gain a voice and financial independence so together we can bring back the environment back to where it needs to be : by promoting PermaCulture and creating template for an educational platform on the ecosystem. Feel free to add information to a page i create here : https://www.facebook.com/86BlockChain/

Hope to contribute to this great project any way I can.
Sustainable Decentralized/Distirbuted Autonomous Community (SDAC).


Hello Aldo! Welcome to the community.
Here are a couple of threads about haskell you might be interested in:

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Hi @Organix and welcome to the community

Hi, Aldo. Welcome to the community!

thank you.