Hello from Pensacola, Florida!

Hello, Cardano community.

Originally from Fort Hood, Texas, our family moved to Pensacola, Florida after our father retired from the US Army. From there I joined the Army in 2002. Went to Benning for basic, and Redstone Arsenal for AIT where I studied metrology, calibration of testing standards, and how to evade a Drill Sgt for 9 months. I went on to Fort Drum NY as a bonafide calibrator assigned to 95th Maintenance Company (TMDE - Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment). It was cold there, I ran too much, and that’s all I have to say about that…

Got into crypto Oct 2017 as a speculative game, and did ok, even though I was horrible at trading. I lucked out a little here and there and speculated on a few coins that had some good gains. I held entirely too long but still made money. That got my attention. The only problem was most coins seemed like BS schemes and I wanted a useful long-term investment. My research led me to conclude that Cardano (ADA) had the potential to be a bedrock layer to the whole crypto system, and so I started buying, and still am.

My approach to crypto investments/speculation is guided by the fundamental question of whether I will be able to leverage the tech in some way that brings value to my partner and me, our employees, developers, and the non-profits we intend to integrate with at a core level. My sister loves dogs more than people I think, so she’s wanting to focus on our local Humane Society. I have been homeless before and helped by a veterans shelter (GI Forum - San Antonio, TX) so my ambition is to focus in that arena.

I currently co-own with my sister a local moving labor business that is gearing up to go full service and in compliance with government regulators, such as USDOT, DOA, etc. Lately, we have been attempting to understand the capabilities and potentials for blockchain to be applied to our business. We have been tossing around Ideas between each other trying to see the bigger picture, but due to a lack of understanding, there are way too many “what ifs”. It is my goal to utilize the forum to ask questions about contracting, transparency, and regulatory compliance possibilities to get a better understanding of where this is all going, and how we can all benefit.

I am probably ranked as average intelligence (optimistically), so, please keep that in mind. I have a few goals and am trying to figure out if Cardano is capable of helping achieve them. Likewise, I realize that Cardano, IOHK, Emurgo, etc all have goals of their own. I’d like to know early if certain applications of their platform will conflict with my conscience (read: war finance of aggressors, black mirror-esque futures, absurd wealth disparity, etc). I am a veteran, from a predominately veteran family, and most of our customers are veterans, yet I still would like to work towards a more peaceful future.

Any help in what I have outlined would be appreciated. If you have any questions from me, about anything, don’t hesitate to ask. For instance, if you are about to move… hit me up. I can give you some tips to save time/money/stress.


(probably TMI, but thanks for reading)


Hello PendeltonHill and welcome,

To your question:

No, Cardano is not going to conflict with your goals, poke around on this forum and you will find many that are proponents of opportunity for all, no matter how many legs you might have :wink:; watch the following video and know that you are not alone.

IOHK | Ethiopia’s First Blockchain Forum - Jonathan Ledgard

Congratulations on starting your own business, I’m looking forward to other posts from you, exciting to hear that you are thinking how to apply Cardano today to your situation, bravo.


I watched that video a few days ago, and was impressed by their creativity. The giraffe “imbued” with a continual reward dispenser to the relevant economies was interesting.

I’m getting good vibes…

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Hello pendelton hill. Welcome to the group I am new here myself. I have lots to learn yet would like to help with any knowledge I can of what I learn and we’ll definitely try to post in this chat. I was reading that you said you were in the service a big thank you to you and all those who protect us. For investment purposes I believe we both landed in the right place researching the right people the right teams


Welcome @PendeltonHill Craig! :slight_smile:

Hi PendeltonHill,

Remember many people of above average intelligence often claim to be average or below, and many who are below claim to be very much above :slight_smile: I’m sure you will find many interesting topics here in the forums.

Welcome to Cardano :slight_smile: