Help me please (typhon wallet empty)

I removed my typhon wallet from chrome and reinstalled it with seed, but it looks like a blank inside, my island and nfts in the wallet are not visible. I have “your secret seed words” and password. please help me


This address and its contents are actually mine, but I cannot access it. I have typhon wallet secret words and password, the island and nfts at this address belong to me, please help

I am so desperate that I can send my secret word and password, please help.

Hello @zar_adam

Before you start looking for a solution please make sure you don’t accept any DM that state any kind of tech support. They are all scams. If anyone contacts you saying they are support please flag them so admins can block.

If you have seed words you can always restore access to your funds on another Cardano wallet interface. Many people on this forum recommended Eternl wallet for browser.

Also, check on Typhon wallet page for any disruptions to service. This may be just error on their end.


Never, ever, EVER give your seed phrase to anyone. This is the same as flushing all your money down the toilet. Only scammers will ever ask for this.


In addition:

If it is not a sync/disruption issue, the most common “empty wallet after restoring” reasons are:

  • One of the additional accounts was used instead of the first one. After restoring, most wallet apps only show the first one and the others have to be explicitly chosen/added.
  • The wallet actually had another seed phrase and they have been mixed up.

you can check if the new wallet address belongs to this stake address stake1uxptjykw4gpu9plg5h4qcl2w807wctxy409ztyl2gqfpawghy5uh2 (on
if not then you restored a new wallet as @HeptaSean mentioned above.



I also thank our friend who said that you are entering the wrong code, I don’t know why 2 different secret sentences on my computer, but I deleted the wrong one, thanks, thanks, thanks

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I can’t experience this stress again, I trust google, I upload my wallet address to drive, I haven’t slept for 2 days,thanks,thanks,thanks

What do you exactly mean? Did you upload your seedphrase to google drive? If so id recommand to create a new wallet as possible because you should never save your seedphrase online!


Yes, I saved it to google drive. I have to, I can’t go through this stress again, I trust google. google is the god of the digital world, i think it’s okay for google to know secret words

I haven’t been able to sleep for 2 days, I can forget the secret word, my house may burn, my computer may break, but google drive will be there forever

You are trolling.


I mean thats up to you but its really not recommanded to save your seedphrase on a cloud server.

There are other solutions to store your seedphrase.

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