Help trying to retrieve money from Binance

Is there anyone here who can advise what I can do to try and get my money back from Binance?
Basically, a couple of weeks ago I wanted to top-up my ADA.
I logged in to my Binance account and arranged a transfer of £2,000 from my bank account to Binance.
In my Binance account I could see the transfer - It initially said “Processing”. Then it suddenly said “Failed” (with no explanation). Looking in their online help, it said that the payment would typically be refunded to my bank within 7 days. After 8 days, I checked with my bank and they said the money had not been refunded back into my account.
So I raised a support ticket with Binance. It said to wait for an e-mail response from them in order to proceed. Three days later I received an e-mail from them at 3am. It was all a bit strange, but they said they are looking into it. Then there was another message “I have not heard from you for a while, are you still there?” I sent a response, then silence for another day.
Finally, they responded with “Dear user, does your problem still exist? If it still exists, please continue to ask questions. Due to business adjustments, we will arrange more professional customer service to provide you with services.”
And that was their last message in the support ticket. It doesn’t matter what I write, I don’t get any response!
They don’t seem to have any other way to contact them with issues.
The company that deals with bank transfers for Binance is a company called “ClearJunction”. I tried contacting them with full details - no response.
I’m now at a loss what to do to retrieve the money that was sent to Binance (it has still not been refunded to my bank).

Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do?


Just wait, Binance is to big to steal 2000£ from you :wink:
They will solve the “issue”

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I hope you’re right.
However, I can’t help feeling that people probably thought the same about Mt.Gox in 2013.

That’s really horrible! And a lot of money. Do you think it could have been a false Binance website? If not, do you have a consumer protections agency in the UK? Here in the US, I would take right to the top: the Attorney General General’s office here in MA. They have a consumer fraud division. Further: I would notify Binance that if you don’thave a response and your money back in 5 days, you are going beyond the Attorney General, or whatever, and going to the Press, and to the Police. You will get it back!