Help with setting environment variables

Hi guys,

I’ve succesfully completed the CArdano Stake pool course and now I’m working with the Coincashew guide. However, I’m having trouble with the scripts that are give here. Although I’ve been working with linux and crypto for some time now, I have trouble deciphering this syntax:
Apparently not smart enough to read “official” notations. I have this issue with more lines in the Coincashew manual, so some general guidance may help as well. Some parts I understand, like $HOME, but others not.

sed -i env
-e “s/#CONFIG="${CNODE_HOME}/files/config.json"/CONFIG="${NODE_HOME}/mainnet-config.json"/g”
-e “s/#SOCKET="${CNODE_HOME}/sockets/node0.socket"/SOCKET="${NODE_HOME}/db/socket"/g”

Can anyone please give me an EXAMPLE command? That will help me in using the right syntax for myself. Besides,
USER Santonode seems to be able to edit the env directly

but I cannot find this file either. sudo nano /usr/bin/env does not work…


you will need to go inside the env file and modify the path for the config and for socket
the above commands will help you to not enter manually inside the env and to modify the lines one by one…

Hi Alex,

thank you for the fast reply. That would be my preferred solution anyway. However, sudo nano /usr/bin/env does not work. Is there another env file somewhere or do I need another way of getting in?

found it! Thanks

for others with the same issue: you have downloaded it and it is inside your cardano folder.

But who told u to look on /usr/bin/env ?

WEll, I overlooked the downloaded file at first. Then started searching for it… and located the wrong one. I did not think that this was a very weird location though.

For others, if you have the same issue:
This is an example: