Hi from Central Florida

I’ve been on the forum for several months, but the recent speculation about Coinbase has renewed my interest. In addition to advocating for a more scientific blockchain. I’m also interested in the staking vs mining approach.

To me it seems like the IOHK leadership is thinking long-term and the published robust roadmap is compelling. I’m looking forward to watching and participating in this crypto-platform.

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Welcome Adam!
I have serious interest concerning mining and its profits, are you involved in mining of a coin currently?
I believe that Pos is better for a sustainable network but I have been exploring the ROI of mining and am interested in hearing from a miner on the long term approach to it and how they calculate the risk, any thoughts?

Hope to see you around the forum.

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Thanks for the welcome @anon20038177. I’m indeed working with a private group exploring the possibility of creating an Ada staking pool. Right now we are waiting on the Shelley incentives paper.

Hi Adam

Welcome to the forum

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Welcome @Adam_Parish Adam :slight_smile:

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