How it is possible?

Hello the community,
i have a strange problem
i have offer a ledger wallet to my familly for christmas and we used a new ledger wallet (never used)
i have send 8000 ADA with the yoiri wallet from my laptop the day 12/25/2019 to this new ledger wallet after initialize it correctly
all right so today , i decided to move all my funds from binance to my own ledger wallet and opened the yoiri wallet (with the same laptop) and i can see that the funds (the 8000 ADA) that i have transfert at christmas to my familly are in my wallet…
how can this be possible please ?
when we connect 2 different ledger wallet on the same computer ,does it clone it ?

thanks you very much

No, the current version of Yoroi does not support multiple wallets - please reinstall Yoroi (or use an alternate browser/browser profile to connect with new ledger) or use to connect to your second ledger device.


thank you , i understand now, but can i delete this profil ? since its my familly profil and the ADA are already in their ledger far away from me , so if i delete this profil , they should be able to get the ADA when they plug their ledger isnt it ?

you have to understand the following mechanics :

your coins are not stored on your ledger or in yoroi. they are stored on the blockchain and you can restore them anytime with your seeds.

yes thank you very much for the information