How to Backup&Restore the stake pool?

Hello. I’m going to move my stake pool server soon.
I’m using cntool now.
As far as I know, there is a ‘Backup & Restore’ menu in cntool.
Can I completely move the server if I choose ‘Backup & Restore’?
Is there anyone who can make a detailed explanation or manual?
I beg you.

I’m using the Google Cloud platform server now. I’m planning to move the server to my office soon.

@Alexd1985 - any thoughts on this?

There are some infos in my guide but:

Basically cntools - bkp and restore option will create a bkp to:

  • priv folder (including wallet + pool folder),
  • scripts folder
  • guild-db
  • files folder

Anyway be sure that u copy the priv folder from the old server to the new server

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