How to Check Wallet address through Daedalus Mainnet 3.2


I’m trying to trouble shoot a zero balance issue after restoring a wallet (12 word pass phrase; circa 2017) on a new install of Daedalus on a new computer.

So far one thing I’ve been told is that the passphrase might be wrong or unlocking a wrong wallet altogether. The wallet I have unlocked shows a red Byron badge.

I have the wallet address from 2017, and can see the funds when I plug that address into cardano explorer. What I would like to do it check the address of the wallet I just unlocked; however there is no option to ‘expose’ the address. Anyone know how to do this?

There is no receive funds tab. Just Summary, Send, Transactions, More options.

I think this would be step one for figuring this out as I do not have another passphrase any help would be greatly appreciated.