How to unleash The Power of the Cardano Community? The Role & Responsibility of the Cardano Foundation

At the moment I have the feeling the Cardano Community is a “sleeping giant”, it´s a tremendous opportunity, which is very far from being fully utilized.

There are like 100k followers on Twitter for Charles, compared to this the Community activity currently mainly limited & focused to the Forum has low value (let´s not speak about the Telegram channels, which apart form the DEV one are only concerned about the price of ADA).

Having the Community educated, enlightened, incentivized / rewarded, empowered, organized, guided and mobilized should be a strategic goal by the Cardano Foundation. I do not see them being very interested or active with this as of today.

Obviously you can already today voluntarily stand up and do things like shooting educational videos on YouTube, start to organize local Cardano MeetUps, start to build DAPPS (soon :)), start to support Cardano in social media, bring your best expertise to the forum with creative topics and comments, start to organize task forces from the Community, start to evangelize Cardano in your close social circle, etc.

But I am speaking about a more structured, systematic, strategically planned and rigorous approach, which has much more value proposition.

For instance why not having a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) setup for the evangelism and bringing people into the Cardano Ecosystem as part of the marketing strategy. You have to carefully design & plan such an MLM System, but it would be highly efficient in this context.

Another example would be is to enrich the “Forum” capabilities for the Community with allowing for Communities to form around geographical regions. As an example there should be a way to allow the formation of Cardano Community in Frankfurt having all the communication, sharing, collaboration and interaction capabilties provided to such a Community. You have to provide the tools, infrastructure and also means to allow such a Community to form, self-organize and grow stronger. We not only want a global view, but also our local view and engage with local people, groups in person. Organize ad-hoc local events without making them like official Meetups.

Community members with their identity & reputation enabled (in the Cardano Blockchain) and actions they take resulting in ratings, which may take them up - down leaderboards (contextual, geographical) is a good start. Later considering these attributes in the Governance Model of Cardano in the Sustainability stream would be quite beneficial.

What do you think how should the Cardano Community bring more value to the Cardano Ecosystem? What structure, formation, hierarchy, processes, protocols and communication would be necessary to implement? What would be the role of the Cardano Foundation in this? What relationship would the Cardano Foundation and Community have to build? What goals should the Community pursue? How could the Community mature and become better?

I mean in the end of the day we have financially incentivized people, many who believe in the great vision of Cardano and would possibly offer a couple of hours of their valuable time on a weekly basis for the benefit of the Ecosystem. This has such a potential, but requires guidance, governance & lead I would expect from the Cardano Foundation. This aggregated effort & competence should not run out in ad-hoc discussions on the Forum and following the Social Media channels.

I expect the Cardano Foundation to identify, organize, sponsor and supervise tangible & reasonable Community Projects to unleash the power of all the magnificent, highly motivated & committed people who would be happy to help the Cardano venture.

Why is nothing happening in this direction? I simply don´t understand …


Nice post @bercinho and you put a lot of thought into these ideas. I will try to answer your question at the end…

Based on various Telegram and Twitter discussions I have seen, the general feeling I get is that the Cardano Foundation, IOHK and Emurgo do not want to push hard on marketing until they have a very good user experience with Daedalus. Since Deadalus is both a full node and a wallet, and it had some issues in the past, marketing has been put on the back burner. Once things are running much smoother on the Cardano Ecosystem and there is a robust light wallet as well, we can anticipate an increase in marketing. This is not any “official gouge” since I am just another guy on the forum, but it is the best answer I can extrapolate based on what I have read.

Here is another old but good thread on marketing. Cardano Marketing