I can’t find all my cardano coin on my wallet. Everything just disappeared

Will trezor support and Adalite support be able to sort it out for me?

That may well be that the support can help you, but always remember: don’t give your 12 words away.

@tomdx did really a good job explaining the background in my opinion, this thread could be used for future reference.

If you still have questions, ask away

@uche64 Trezor support will very likely also just point you to that documentation which IMHO is actually quite good. If you should need more assistance than that, I can offer you this …

#1 Get a new Trezor and leave the one you already have untouched
#2 Reach out to me and we do a voice session so that you can asked any question on the way
#3 (Optionally) Whipe your old Trezor and sell it again

Thanks very much for all your explanations. I was able to find my ADA coin. I was able to remember my pass phase. I feel so happy right now​:grinning::grinning::grinning::+1::+1::+1::pray::pray::pray:
Thanks a lot


I seem to have the issue. I can’t find my Cardano in my Trezor Model T wallet after upgrading and downloaded Trezor Suite. The old way of using Trezor Wallet via the web to get to AdaLite Cardano Wallet Ver. 6.9.6 under Account#1 showed 0. Help me please.

do u see any transactions history? Can u check if the passphrase is activated on trezor settings and (if it is) try to deactivate … then connect the trezor again on adalite.io? Do u remember if u used a passphrase for your wallet?

Yes, the wallet prompted me to set a passphrase and after that, I can’t find my Cardano. I followed your advice and removed the passphrase. It works! I found my Cardano again. Thank you so much! You made my day :slight_smile:


You are welcome :beers:

The passphrase functionality of Trezor is documented here:

You do not have to completely disable it. Just leaving the passphrase empty should also give you access to your “normal” wallet. One or more different passphrases will then give you access to an arbitrary number of hidden wallets.