I can't do transaction in Yoroi using Tezor model T

When I open Yoroi, I can see my wallet and coins. However, I cannot withdraw my staking rewards or send coins. I have the latest version of Chrome. My model T firmware version is 2.4.1. When I recently downloaded this new firmware version, I had to recover my original wallet with my seed phrase.
I also have the same issue with my Ledger S. I rectified the Ledger S issue by using the Adalite interface but couldn’t do the same with Trezor model T.
My operating system is Windows 10 Pro Version 21H1 OS build 19043.1110
When either trying to withdraw my staking rewards or send coins, one of the swipe screens on my Model T says “Change address staking rights do not match the current account” for what it’s worth.
At the end of the process after finalizing the transaction on my Trezor, I get the message, “Error received from the server while sending transaction”.
I tried several times with no success. Please help?

Hmm I think something has changed when u restored the trezor… did u changed something… like phaseprass?

Connect the trezor on adalite.io and check if u have the same wallet as yoroi (I think not)

Or u can try to deactivate the passphrase in Trezor settings.

Thank you for your reply.

I didn’t change anything when I restored the trezor.

I still am using the same passphrase.

When I connected the trezor to adalite.io, I did not have the same wallet as in Yoroi.

Tomorrow, (it is 1.30 am here) I will deactivate the passphrase in Trezor settings and see if that works. Cheers.

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Hi Alexd1985
I have deactivated the passphrase on my Trezor model T, as suggested, and it worked!
Thank you for your assistance. I can now access and transact in Yoroi.