I need help to activate the cardano card

Hi, I received this card like birthday gift 2 years ago. Could you tell me how to activate the card and is it full with ada or not. How to use it? Thank you in advance.20210328_120103

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Hi @1111186 ,

welcome to Cardano Forum. That’s a cool gift card that you have there.

I think there should be a seed-phrase either 12-words (Byron Legacy wallet) recovery phrase or 24-words (Shelley Wallet) written in that Gift Card.

These are what you need to do:

  • Install Daedalus desktop app (please do not install the mobile Daedalus, it’s a scam app) or you can install Yoroi mobile
  • In Daedalus/Yoroi, choose Restore (do not create a new one!!!) your wallet accordingly. If you have 12-words, then choose Byron wallet. If you have 24-words, choose Shelley wallet.
  • Then you should be able to see your 10,000 ADA there (according to your gift card)

Please do check my Tutorial Cardano for Beginner. There will be several articles that you need to read (how to create wallet, how to restore, how to stake your ADA in a stake pool, and so on)

Read first the article before you install an app / restore wallet / stake in a pool. If you have any further question, do not hesitate to ask again.


Wish you a great day!

Best regard,

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Try to contact this Crypto Supreme | SOLD OUT! Limited Edition Cardano Gold and Matte Black Metal Wallet

This is their instruction:
Looking to load the wallet? Here’s how to do it:

Generate your own keys and then print them on a regular sheet of paper, ensuring that they are scaled to be smaller than the size of the hologram. Cut out the paper and place it face down onto the back of the metal. Then, peel the hologram and affix it over the paper. When the hologram is peeled, it will leave behind a tamper-evident residue, and the paper will be stuck to the hologram. Just make sure to place the paper’s print-side face down onto the metal. Placing it face up will peel the printing of the keys off when peeling the hologram.

They are the one who produced your Gift Card. Their support team could help you (ask for instruction on how to use their card).

Hope it helps @1111186

Thank you.

Try to read this article from IOHK also:

If you still have no solution after contacting the Gift Card maker, try to contact official IOHK Team directly for support. Wish you all the best.

So 3 years later, Crypto Supreme do not exist, IOHK are too big to care about my questions and here I am stuck with the same problem…
I still do not understand the instructions - if I have generated my own keys - how are they connected with the value stored on the metal plate…

These instructions sound like those cards don’t come with ADA on them, but are rather just a fancy way to store your totally usual seed phrase (that you – or the one sending you the gift – have glued to the hologram somehow).

But then the ADA value printed on it in the picture above doesn’t make any sense.

exactly my thought