Incentivized test net wallet restoration

How to restore an Incentivized test net wallet?
I’m getting “the wallet you are trying to restore already exists” message

hey @SeanAlimov

i think i just saw a thread about the same issue :slight_smile:

check that out

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Thank you @Zyroxa, I’ll take a look :+1:

After reading all of the messages, I decided to jump off the cliff and delete all files related to the rewards wallet including what is left in the %appdata% roaming file. After deleting everything ( Not including the mainnet wallet ) I then installed the latest rewards wallet like a new user. I then restored my wallet with the recovery phrases, wallet name and password, and “BAM”, everything is back to normal. I just did this on 2/17/20 at 2:20 eastern standard time in the US. Hope this helps anyone having difficulty.

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Please follow instructions here once to clear your state directory:

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