Inspirational message

In the “thick of things” it is easy to get bogged down in the details and the “grand vision“ can fade from view. I was just explaining to an IT guy from my work all about Cardano and contrasting it to Bitcoin and Ethereum and others and it all came back to me why I fell in love with Cardano and have stuck with it so faithfully.

I was explaining how Cardano does not require special hardware that is obsolete every 6 months and must be thrown away just to stay competitive. It will never have football stadium sized warehouses that generate all kinds of waste. It does not require a billion dollar industry just to make hardware specific to Cardano.

Also, Cardano does not require the power consumption of a small country to secure the network. If there is a way to adequately secure and incentivize a decentralized consensus protocol to the same degree or greater than Bitcoin without needing to consume all that energy, you would have to be a complete idiot to choose the one that burns and wastes massive amounts of energy. And they say, “but it’s green energy“. Perhaps. If so, green energy wasted that could go to something useful and offset the use of fossil fuel. Cardano is an infinitely better steward of the environment than any POW coin.

And then there is the matter of research driven, peer reviewed, and provably secure. Not to mention IOHK has its eyes wide open to everything going on in the space as a whole and understands the reality of claims and the real trade offs. And the transparency and clarity of the team. And then there is matter of functional language based and the utilization of formal methods. Then there is Plutus!!! And Marlowe! And so much more.

I have followed this project almost daily for well over 3 years now and haven’t lost a bit of interest or hope. Am just as excited today as was for the launch in 2017. I continue to increase my holdings every chance I can. I kinda miss the posts of ada_love from early 2018. And the raw Charles interviews from back in the day (he is still raw). So glad to be staking, waiting for that since Nov. 2017 when Shelley was going live end of Q1 2018.

Let’s take a few minutes to remember why we love Cardano so much, what drew us in. Let’s be thankful for Charles and the team and all that this project has added to our lives. Let’s be thankful for where the foundation is headed and all that Emurgo has brought to the table. And who couldn’t love @SebastienGllmt? Gotta love Cardano!!!