Intro - [ANDY] AndyStakePool

Intro - [ANDY] AndyStakePool

Participate in the future of global finance by operating and maintaining a high performance pool.

Pool Info:
Ticker: ANDY
Pool ID: 30f9a4c529f89d60ad1bd1c33c0e13c20b347fec7cac794c557efcee
Pledge: 2.2 mil ADA
Fixed fee: 340 ADA (mandatory)
Variable fee: 2.5%
Website: - will be improved in the next week

Pool Setup:
The goal is 24/7, 100% uptime. The pool is cloud based, leveraging Amazon’s proven network competency. The setup has a total of 4 active nodes - 2 relays, one core, one warm. The warm node is a running backup that is kept at current tip and can be quickly purposed to a relay or core node if need be. All nodes are geographically isolated throughout the USA and are externally monitored at all times.

I believe a pledge should be large enough to self-start the pool and show adequate ‘skin in the game’. 2+ mil ADA leaves a high probability of at least one block per epoch. This will ensure delegators do not go an epoch without receiving a reward. My pledge is the start - every delegator, regardless of size, gives an extra push. I am operating just one stake pool at this time. All SPO rewards will be reinvested as pledge for the next 50 epochs (to 267th) or up to saturation. I will be paying all pool expenses out of pocket for this period to show dedication to the project.

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Congratulations on getting your pool up and running! Good luck to you


I’m happy to announce AndyStakePool just minted it’s first block.

Block: 4711537 - 3b17b05a5944ecbe8d694a64c2a3a5b421d768626c17c47322545e9d5478dcae


I just lowered the pool margin to 1%. This is a more competitive rate and will hopefully attract delegators.