Introducing a full green stake pool C2VN

C2VN - a true green Stake Pool

We are the technical team that operates the project - which brings Cardano’s documents to Vietnam in the local language.
Team members are electronics engineers and system managers. We have created a stake pool C2VN that runs entirely on solar energy.
Our detailed stake pool configuration is:

  • 03 x Raspberry PI 4 Model B (02 Relays and one Block Producer) each node often consumes 6W/h. All 3 nodes need 18W/h for their operations.

  • 01 Router and embedded switch: 1.5A/12v = 18W/h

  • 01 Solar Pannel 150W/h

  • 01 Battery 100A/12v=1200W

These are the pictures we took when setting up the project:
03 nodes

Solar Pannel
Stake pool kit

C2VN is running on very low power consumption infrastructure. Staking to C2VN means you are supporting carbon-neutral blockchains

Ticker: C2VN
Margin fee: 1%
Pool ID: pool16rcqtg9gywenzkp6t5qg8um5tuul6d4dzwauppz7z3ufyaj0ky3

If you have any questions please contact us on:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @cardano2vn

Thank you for your supporting.


Great ! The reduction of energy costs and pool operating costs is of great interest to Pool Operators. Congratulations pool C2VN .

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it is a great product^^

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Good job. Congra C2VN Pool.

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Congrats Mr. Tien
Love that pool kit so much. I hope to be part of your team in the near future :grin:

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Nice one! Quick question though, as those PIs come with a max of 8GB of RAM. Are you using SWAP to overcome the limitation based on the nodes now using around 12GB of RAM?

Thank Leofs for your interests.
We use zram to overcome the limitation, the trade-off is computing to compress data.

That’s really cool.

What sort of parameters have you used for the node and ZRAM?

Most of the documentation available online is now talking that is not possible to run a node with 8GB of RAM. I had a few attempts as well and the node keeps crashing, even with ZRAM enabled.

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Thank you for your interest!

We use this guide.

and use parameters: