Introducing a new Pool [ISTAN] ISTANPOOL

Hello Cardano Community!

I would like to introduce ISTANPOOL - Cardano Pool
might not be today, but you must visit one day like Istanbul!

I am a system admin living in Canada who wants to be part of the Cardano community and system. Like everyone who started running a small Cardano pool, I am not expecting any profit for now. On the other hand, my thoughts are like everyone else :slight_smile: So, any delegation or contribution and sharing are more than welcome.
Also, I support SPA and have applied to be part of it.

Pledge: 1K
Variable fee: 340 ADA (Minimum)
Fixed Fee: 1%
Ticker: ISTAN
Pool ID:
Contact: Telegram, Twitter, email
Servers hosted: USA (at present 3)

The pool operator is a system admin with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry in many countries.