Introducing [ADASTACK]

I am a lifelong IT person, I work at a large university by day and as much Cardano as I can by night.

Been following Cardano for quite a while now and when the time came to be able to play a part in a role to decentralize the network, I felt the calling.

ADASTACK was born almost a year ago at the start of the ITN and have since migrated successfully to Mainnet. We have had a great start on the ITN as ADASTACK was one of the top performing pools as appreciated by many and I hope to continue the trend through Mainnet. I am mainly interested in running one pool for the chance of maximum decentralization and to give others a chance.

I am engaged in many of the community groups as I can so there is a good chance you will see me there. I have made many great friends (mostly pool operators) and we help and we keep an eye on each other.

I look to the future of with great optimism and hope that in time my day time frees up be able to spend even more time on Cardano, wouldn’t that be something :slight_smile: I am surrounded by a lot of smart people at work and enjoy spreading the word to academics/professionals and students. It would be great at some point to see a Cardano course being run of which I will do my best to instigate when I find the right people and timing, though I do have a little group going for now hehe

In the western world, some things are needed to help things going. I am keeping a close eye on Digital Identities and government voting (we have the FLUX Party which is interesting) and will do my best to engage with regulations where I can.

Also look forward to multi delegations, that should make things easier :blush:

Ticker: STACK
Pool ID: 94864d27407c1dd0569e4acb9c7fa6ec2cc19a6193d9171f2d811232
Variable Fee: 2% Fixed Fee: 340ADA Pledge: 1.01M

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