Introducing Alto Stake Pool Ticker: ALTO

I am the founder of ALTO stake pool and I am known as Booker T. Americus. ALTO minted its first block January 4, 2022. I am directly involved in youth Computer Science education in a Title I community (underrepresented), but my tech background is in database and DevOps in the Silicon Valley with companies including Ashton-Tate, Borland, Compuware, Symantec, Logitech …

It has been just over a year when I engaged with Cryptocurrency, but after extensively studying many currencies, Cardano stood out as something that I wanted to support. High energy use, sharting, high gas fees and ‘Make Your Own Crypto’ kits are not desirable to ALTO.

Ticker: ALTO Pledge: 6K; Fixed Fee: 340; Variable fee: 0.5%
Contact: @AltoStakePool on Twitter
Pool ID: 6a73808b4710aa4dd86a6c35b620d129c73becb80011b574b892ff1f
Location: San Francisco, California
Hardware: Bare Metal Servers. Minimum 16 threads, 32GB RAM, m.2 SSDs, Brown Noctua fans all systems
Relays: Two visible independent relay servers
Firewall: Current model high-end Firewall and Layer 2 components
Internet: Gig Business Fiber, multiple pure sinewave battery backups will go for hours
OS: LINUX Server

Please consider our pool because we are in Cardano for the long run. We believe in decentralized finance, understand that image files is just the beginning of NFTs, and we hope to manage data for other Cardano related projects.

Our pool is not green like solar powered Raspberry Pis, but we are not so bad as a b*tcoin mine – we do not have graphics cards on the servers. ALTO was built to go as fast as possible with regards to threads, be efficient with energy consumption and cooling, not sound like Hoover vacuums, and to survive a total local power outage for half a day as long as the fiber is not severed.

Thank you, Booker T.