Dear ADA Community,

My name is Pongsathorn Luke Boongird, and I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand. Sawas-dee-krub! I am a petroleum engineer by training and running this “Bulletproof Investing Club” pool together with my cousin, Varut, who has a software engineering background. We both believe in the power of innovation, decentralization, and financial inclusion, a.k.a. what Cardano empowers its users. Hence, we would like to be part of this exciting future. We cannot wait to see the day ADA can be used for any transaction anywhere in the world. The plan is to help spread the words to speed up the adoption rate and increase awareness about Cardano to our friends and families in Thailand.

Ticker: BULPR / 15.5K initially, 50K planned / 340 ADA / 0% for the first 6 months scaling up to the maximum of 5% afterward

Pool Size Margin
20,000,000 0.50%
40,000,000 1%
60,000,000 1.50%
80,000,000 2%
100,000,000 2.50%
120,000,000 3%
140,000,000 3.50%
160,000,000 4%
180,000,000 4.50%
200,000,000 5%

Twitter: Lukenum / Telegram: @lukenum
Pool ID: f37a8ad3edc8598b01a6630217349571c181404feb97c580925045d8
Location: Thailand, Bangkok
Pool infrastructure: We are using cloud base infrastructure with automated deployment.
Pool redundancy:
• Automate recovery system even when the whole data center goes down.
• Proactive monitoring which will scale vertical/horizontal server capacity.
Operator experiences: Our operations are being maintained by an experienced DevOps engineer with 15 years in the IT industry, priding ourselves on automation and compliance requirements using current best practice patterns and frameworks.
Why our pool:
We have Thailand as our focus area (geographical target). By supporting our pool, you will also accelerate Cardano’s adoption in a developing country where technology or innovation makes the highest impact and really changes people’s lives for the better.

I like the name! Good luck to you and your pool!

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Dear all -

I would like to give the community an update on what has happened to our pool [BULPR] which is almost unreal… We have made a few blocks since! In fact, we just made it to the 10th block milestones on Mainnet a day ago! In addition, thanks for LOTS of luck… Our pool recently even won the golden ticket which already started to help us cranking out more blocks this epoch.

Now, I believe that with all the blessings, they come with responsibilities. We feel obligated to contribute more to the Cardano community. So, today we have completed the Thai translation of so the community will now have this great tool in the Thai language! Please check it out here.

Last but not least, we also continue to improve our blog so that we can reach out to more people.


PS. Special Thanks to @papa_carp for facilitating the language-translation setup. Much appreciated!


Dear all,

I would like to give an official update on our path forwards in response to the new k value. As you may already know, on December 6th, a stake pool becomes saturated at 64M which is more than 3 times smaller than the previous saturation number of 211M, and by March next year, the saturation number is projected to drop another half or down to 32M. As a result, our forecasted compensation (pool margin and fee) is greatly impacted. These changes challenge the sustainability of our operations and we have no choice but to adjust our strategy accordingly which led to the decision to change our BULPR pool fee up from 0% to 0.99%, effective on January 6th.

In addition, please note that we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our sister pool, Ticker: BULPF, Pool ID: 6bf7a699ac063eb6119295faa652e4054664d4c287a45a31efb84cc1, that will offer the same top-quality staking services at the LOWEST 0% pool margin fee until March next year (OR until it is 90%+ in saturation, whichever comes first).

Last but not least, I would like to give BIG THANK to our current delegators for your trust, support, and opportunity. Without you, we would not be able to provide our high-quality, low-fee and reliable services to the community.


PS. We determine to contribute to the Cardano ecosystem and we are proud to share that we have completed the Thai translation of and now the community will have this great tool in the Thai language. Please check out our translation by visit, click the config button at the top bar, and look for [TH]!

Dear BULPR delegators -

An unfortunate incident occurred in epoch 251 which caused our block producer to stop generating blocks shortly after the hard fork. Despite the fact that we already produced two blocks in epoch 251 (right after the Mark hard fork), the main block producer stopped unexpectedly and failed to produce the subsequent blocks scheduled afterward. As soon as we found out about the incident, we immediately investigated and found that there was a significant increase in the RAM requirement in order to keep our machines in sync with the network which caused both our block producer and the two relays to stall. The problem since then had already been fixed and now the block producer has returned to produce blocks consistently.

As a result of the incident, we closed out epoch 251 with the ROA (Return on Ada) of only 0.33% which is drastically lower than our historical average of 5.4%. We are truly sorry about this unfortunate accident and would like to assure you that we have already put a proactive monitoring system in place which will prevent this from happening ever again. Despite all this said, we understand that the incident negatively affected all our BULPR delegators. While we are unable to provide you with full compensation for the loss incurred, we will extend the low 0.99% fee for another month (until April 10th or later) as our sincere apology.

Last but not least, we really hope that you continue to be with us throughout this exciting journey as we are fully committed to working tirelessly as your reliable stake pool operator and give you the staking rewards you deserve.

Respectfully yours,

Dear all,

To promote our sister pool, we are pleased to announce the release of our first 20 Bulletproof Gold-Vault NFT to delegators of our BULPF pool (6bf7a699ac063eb6119295faa652e4054664d4c287a45a31efb84cc1). These are the first twenty of our Bulletproof NFTs series that will be given out to our delegators for free by taking a snapshot of the pool delegators between epoch 273 to 280.

  • Top 10 largest and longest (LL = amount ADA delegated x number of epoch) delegators will get the gold NFT serial number 001-010. The rest of the NFTs will be randomly given to all other delegators.

  • The snapshot will be taken at the end of epoch 280. The lucky winner will be announced on Twitter. So, please follow our Twitter accounts: @BulletCardano and @BulletproofNFTs to stay tune.