Dear ADA Community,

My name is Pongsathorn Luke Boongird, and I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand. Sawas-dee-krub! I am a petroleum engineer by training and running this “Bulletproof Investing Club” pool together with my cousin, Varut, who has a software engineering background. We both believe in the power of innovation, decentralization, and financial inclusion, a.k.a. what Cardano empowers its users. Hence, we would like to be part of this exciting future. We cannot wait to see the day ADA can be used for any transaction anywhere in the world. The plan is to help spread the words to speed up the adoption rate and increase awareness about Cardano to our friends and families in Thailand.

Ticker: BULPR / 15.5K initially, 50K planned / 340 ADA / 0% for the first 6 months scaling up to the maximum of 5% afterward

Pool Size Margin
20,000,000 0.50%
40,000,000 1%
60,000,000 1.50%
80,000,000 2%
100,000,000 2.50%
120,000,000 3%
140,000,000 3.50%
160,000,000 4%
180,000,000 4.50%
200,000,000 5%

Twitter: Lukenum / Telegram: @lukenum
Pool ID: f37a8ad3edc8598b01a6630217349571c181404feb97c580925045d8
Location: Thailand, Bangkok
Pool infrastructure: We are using cloud base infrastructure with automated deployment.
Pool redundancy:
• Automate recovery system even when the whole data center goes down.
• Proactive monitoring which will scale vertical/horizontal server capacity.
Operator experiences: Our operations are being maintained by an experienced DevOps engineer with 15 years in the IT industry, priding ourselves on automation and compliance requirements using current best practice patterns and frameworks.
Why our pool:
We have Thailand as our focus area (geographical target). By supporting our pool, you will also accelerate Cardano’s adoption in a developing country where technology or innovation makes the highest impact and really changes people’s lives for the better.

I like the name! Good luck to you and your pool!

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