Introducing Goal stake pool [GOAL]

I’m Demetry and I’m Software Developer. I founded this pool together with my friend, who is an expert in marketing. Our goal is to Make Cardano a leading cryptocurrency. Reinforce decentralization. Switch Cardano users from mammoth exchanges to native independent wallets and break the chain of corporations.

We’re re not the largest pool. Our ROS will be a bit lower than others. But we’re on a mission to make Cardano accessible by huge number of users in a way it was designed. We aim to contribute to Cardano community by building useful software tools and simplifying user experience for millions of future Cardano users.

Pool details

  • Ticker: GOAL
  • Pledge: 2000 ADA
  • Fixed fee: 340 ADA
  • Variable fee: 2%
  • Website: Goal Stake Pool
  • Contact:
  • Pool ID / hash: pool109ee6weyn52awvu30gspwmp6xwws98z0dhzcw2dqupc6vv6mkg6
  • Location: USA
  • Pool infrastructure: AWS hosted 2 x t3a.large, each has 2vCPU and 8 GM RAM. The node runs Amazon Linux.
  • Pool redundancy: High availability provided by Amazon. Additionally we run automatic snapshots of all our data.
  • Operator experience: 15+ years of software engineering on Unix systems. Expert in Python, Scala, Kubernetes and Docker.