Introducing H3ART Pool [H3ART]

About the team at H3ART Pool
We are a Cardano Staking Pool that supports the treatment of congenital and structural heart disease.
The team behind H3ART are people within the medical industry. We interact with patients that require these treatments on a daily basis. A few of us with a passion for the Cardano project decided to get together a build a Staking Pool in the hopes of supporting both of our passions.

H3ART Pool Details

  • Ticker : H3ART
  • Pledge : 0₳ (We are working to have a hardware wallet secure our pledge)
  • Margin : 0%
  • Fixed Fee : 340₳
  • Website :
  • Pool ID : pool12d3th585ga2w593eu5zqnkahsnlczjpqxemjc0qhku7awnhvn8a
  • Location : Malaysia

Pool infrastructure

  • Block Producer - Baremetal server with 6 cores and 16 GB of ram
  • Relay Node - Baremetal server with 6 cores and 16 GB of ram (2 Relays)
  • Internet Connection - 500Mbps with 24hour service guarantee
  • Pool redundancy - All servers have dedicated UPS connected (We are also looking to implement a redundant LTE connection to fall back)

Why give our pool a chance?
1 In 100 Children Are Born With Heart Disease

Only 1 in 10 patients has access to treatment and care. Our mission is to support the treatment of congenital and structural heart disease.

10% Of Our Pool Profits Will Go Into The Treatment Of Congenital And Structural Heart Disease

in the form of :

  1. Funds for patients: cost of surgery or catheter interventions

  2. Funds for doctors: education, proctorship

  3. Funds for the team (nurses, cardiac technicians,perfusionists): education

  4. Funds for devices: PDA, ASD devices, pacemakers, etc

We are also looking into creating a native token to allow governance on how we allocate our donations.

We hope that at the very least this post will bring some awareness to congenital and structural heart disease.

Thank you!

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Welcome and very best of luck to your pool, wishing you every success.

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Welcome to the Cardano Community! :slight_smile:

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Hopefully the upcoming SPO shakeup to increase K and reduce the fixed pool fee will help draw the attention of delegators to your important cause!

I delegated what I can currently afford to H3ART

I also added a link to from

[CHG Pool]

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Thank you for the support!

Definitely agree with a change to the K value and also the fixed pool fee, should keep us SPOs more competitive.