Introducing INSL Stake Pool, Hi everyone :)

Insalada Stake Pool - INSL - Introduction Video

Insalada Stake Pool - ticker INSL - is an independently run Cardano Stake Pool, powered by a three-Jormungandr-nodes cluster, and managed by an idealist team of one. My core values and a conviction for Open Source led me to Cardano. I strongly believe in Cardano as the future of the economy, and this is what drives me, and makes me work daily to constantly improve both my pool and the ecosystem wherever is possible.

I’ve been a Linux professional for over a decade. I first and foremost fell in love with Linux, Copyleft, and Open Source 20 years ago, for the strong philanthropic aspect of it all. I immediately believed that they could change the world for the better, and dedicated myself to them. I became more technical and started working with Linux at a later stage. I worked at banks, Internet Service Providers, publishing companies, Vodafone, Hewlett-Packard and more. I used to teach about Linux and the Open Source philosophy at Linux User Groups, events and fairs. Also to friends and family, even if they mostly made fun of me because of my conviction for Open Source. Time told us a different story though, and Linux is now more successful than ever, slowly but steadily taking over the world, one sector at the time, fostering innovation for both the digital and the physical world.

The same core values and conviction for Open Source led me to Cardano. I firmly believe that it can revolutionize the world, as the future of the economy and beyond. This is why I run the Insalada Stake Pool, ticker INSL.

I contribute with guides and code, both to other projects and my original content, released with an open-source license. I wrote the “Not Another Cardano Guide” to help you install and configure, and scripts to manage your pool. More guides and tools, from a cluster perspective, are coming soon. You can find them on my GitHub:

I hope you share the same values and would trust INSL with your staking. Visit for more information and follow @insaladaPool on Twitter ( to stay up to date.

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INSL has now been renamed to SALAD :slight_smile:

SALAD has a youtube channel now. new link for the video is

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Thanks I’ll Subscribe!