Introducing ⚡ KysenPool Thunder Pools [KYSN & KYSN2]

Greetings Cardano Community!

Belated introduction to one of Cardano’s earliest stake pool :zap: KysenPool Thunder. We’re running two pools KYSN & KYSN2 and have been up and running since Day 1 of Cardano’s mainnet staking launch. As a dedicated team of proof-of-stake enthusiasts and devops ninjas, we have been actively participating as a node operator since the days of Alonzo and Shelley upgrades and the Incentivized Testnet (ITN) in 2020. With your help, we will continue to commit to support and secure the Cardano network backed by our consistent and solid track record (see Pool Statistics below).

We’ve a proven track record of operational excellence, and with your support, we’re here to stay.

Our nodes supporting Cardano (and other chains) are geolocated all around the world (North America, Europe and Asia) and our pool infrastructure consists of a hybrid of on-premises (leased racks in data centers) and public cloud servers. Our cloud footprint is with multiple vendors, hence we are multi-cloud, to ensure that we are truly decentralized. We have a node operation knowledge learned by running validators on multiple chains (Cosmos, Kava, Desmos, Harmony, Ethereum, Flare, Aura, etc.). Our Cardano pools have largely benefited from this cross-pollination.

Pool Statistics

TL;DR – We hold our pledge to maintain our low fixed fee and commission margins. Our pools are performing well, with an impressive 100.2% and 98.5% lifetime luck and is suitable for new delegations as we are well below saturation rates, at 14% to 20%. With your support we’re ready to receive stakes from institutional and retail ADA token holders via the Daedalus wallet or any other wallets of your choice. Look for our tickers KYSN and KYSN2.

⚡ KysenPool Thunder

  • Ticker: KYSN (click to view on CExplorer)
  • Pool ID : pool1fyp482ntshhm9zfz4nv7pmsaeakscf5mnuzcxuvtqf6t56fc7l0
  • Saturation: 20.86%
  • Live Stake: 14.87M₳
  • Active Stake: 14.79M₳
  • Declared Pledge: 100₳
  • Active Pledge: 6.58k₳
  • Fixed fee: 340 ₳
  • Margin: 1.9% (unchanged since launch)
  • Recent ROA: 3.763%
  • Lifetime ROA: 4.78%
  • Blocks in epoch: 11
  • Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch: 13
  • Blocks Lifetime: 4386
  • Lifetime Luck: 100.2%
  • Created: 30.7.2020
  • Delegators: 1,373

⚡ KysenPool Thunder 2

  • Ticker: KYSN2 (click to view on CExplorer)
  • Pool ID : pool1d76p7zfn2ydq577z4wsvmnl2lx4cxa3s5vplfuhvr8qfw8hd05j
  • Saturation: 13.98%
  • Live Stake: 9.96M₳
  • Active Stake: 9.95M₳
  • Declared Pledge: 100₳
  • Active Pledge: 5.79k₳
  • Fixed fee: 340 ₳
  • Margin: 1.9% (unchanged since launch)
  • Recent ROA: 3.321%
  • Lifetime ROA: 4.56%
  • Blocks in epoch: 6
  • Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch: 8.7
  • Blocks Lifetime: 3960
  • Lifetime Luck: 98.5%
  • Created: 16.11.2020
  • Delegators: 171

For more information, follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram group for timely announcements.