Introducing Medusa AdaWallet pool [MDS]

Hi! My name is Denis and I’am an AI-researcher and web-developer meerkat from sunny Russia! Not sunny Colorado, but who knows, may be it’s a question of time :slight_smile:

I’m 30 y.o, I have an IT systems and technologies degree. And my primary specialization is Software Architect.

I’m an active member of Cardano Community and the developer of Medusa Wallet project. I work on it almost everyday, even weekend and vacation(especially vacation) for almost 1.5 years.

My pool data:
ID: 660f2b816e90e4e826daebf33357d76ab89414f88d57dd7d9f7898fe
Ticker: MDS
Pledge: 30k (will be increased by rewards)
Fee: 2% variable, 340ada fixed;

Location: Voronezh, Russia.

Pool infrastructure:
The pool is based at Lithuania data-center which is trusted home for all my servers for many years. It’s stable and works well. We had never had any issues like server fault or sudden downtime. The Medusa project’s architecture is like a flower with the hidden center and petals around (or like Medusa’s head and snakes, you know). Hidden center is a node-server which is not reachable from outside and petals are the public servers provides GUI.

This scheme was designed at the start, even before ITN. And it is perfectly according with a new core-relay scheme for cardano pools, is it? :slight_smile: So we can run as many relays as we need.

The main server is upgradeable configuration of 4xCPU, 8GB RAM(ECC REG) and enterprise-level SSD-storage. Connection is a 1Gb/s port. More than enough for the core node actually :slight_smile: Linux-based, of course.

Pool redundancy:
Well, If ITN has taught us anything, it’s that we need to set up some monitoring systems and automatization tools. The node was running as system-service, so it will be restarted on fault, and run by OS if the server got rebooted. Also there is ITN-tested self-scripted overseer watching over node’s tip and comparing it to explorer’s value to be sure we are not stucked. It has saved dozens of blocks during the ITN. Really. Also we have an extra-server to replace a curent one, but we’ve never used it even in the early ITN because of good fault-protection system.

Operator experience:
Skilled linux-administrator, software engineer, red-eyed Veteran of the ITN. Meerkat. Meerkats are cute.

Why should users check out mypool:
I love what I do. Medusa project is very important for me and for it’s customers, who use it every day. There are a lot of development plans. With a lot of features etc.

Medusa is totally free. There are no hidden fees etc. But, of course it’s not free for me. Servers, domain, my own time. It’s hard to work just as enthusiast. The MDS Pool it’s the way to support the project and me. It’s the way to keep it free for everyone. It’s the way to say “Hey, Denis, there is a one more reason why you have woke up today!”

Thank you!