Introducing Moving Average Stake Pool [MASP]

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Dear stakers and Cardano lovers,

I like to introduce my Cardano stake pool to you and hope that, after reading this, you consider staking some of your ADA to my pool.

My name is Erik and I am the pool operator of Moving Average Stake Pool [MASP], a stake pool located in the Netherlands. The core node of this stake pool is running on a low-energy consuming bare metal server, a LattePanda Alpha. The two relay nodes of MASP are running on DigitalOcean VPS; one in Amsterdam and one in New York. Both relays are well connected to the network.

Why stake with MASP?

  • MASP is running on a bare metal server which is the ultimate decentralisation solution (imagine Amazon goes down with all those core nodes running on Amazon Web Services).
  • MASP is an independent, single node stake pool (again yeah for decentralisation!). I’m not going to fire up 10 or 20 nodes.
  • MASP has committed itself to donate 10% of its income to a COVID-19 related charity or research funds.
  • MASP has no fancy pansy website promising 24/7 uptime and 100% block production (although MASP does all of that :slight_smile:). MASP does have a blog keeping you up to date.

Ticker: MASP
Fixed fee: 340 ADA
Variable fee: 3%
Pledge: 50K ADA
ITN ROS: 10.43%
ITN blocks: 160
PoolId: 88056a745a81bdefd95359c43e71eb52e04c878507a24e88ff3ca3c0
Webiste: Moving Average Stake Pool
Twitter: CardanoMASP

Why MASP donates to a COVID-19 charity or research funds?
In my daily life, I’m a molecular biologist working in the department of Medical Microbiology of a large hospital. While MASP was running a stake pool on the ITN testnet, the coronavirus pandemic started and as the head of the molecular lab I had to prepare for testing for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Since that time our lab technicians have been testing for SARS-CoV-2 24/7 and currently we are preparing for the coming winter period. COVID-19 has been my life for the last 4 months and it is a terrible disease which causes a lot of havoc. Through Cardano I hope to collect some money to fight COVID-19.

What is this name Moving Average Stake Pool?
When I started my stake pool on the Incentivised Testnet I choose the name MedusA Stake Pool [MASP]. After a week I found out there was already a pool named Medusa wallet [MDS]. From the registration date of the ticker on Github it was clear that MDS was first so I decided to change my name to Moving Average Stake Pool. This way I could keep my ticker MASP and the term moving average is a stock indicator that is commonly used in technical analysis of the stock market.

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