Introducing OLIMP pool - Spreading security awareness

Hi everyone,

We are specialists with experience in the field of IT security and programming in the financial sector. What distinguishes us from other stake pools? Our work is also our passion, which we develop after hours by taking part in various CaptureTheFlag competitions and BugBounty programs. We believe that nowadays, with the rapidly developing technology, it is necessary to spread and increase awareness of IT security.

We are running an OLIMP stake pool, with relays in DE and PL.

5x3.4 GHz vCPU
500 GB SSD

6x3.4 GHz vCPU
500 GB SSD

Please visit our website on which you will find more information.

We encourage you to visit our blog [OLIMP] BLOG where you can find the blog post about „A brief overview of the Cardano topology” and a must-read „Basic node security

We are happy to help with other security-related topics not only Cardano-related, catch us on discord.

Our goals:
Short term

  • New relays across the globe
  • Cardano Knowledge bank for everyday users in English and Polish
  • Rewards sponsorship on various security-oriented platforms
  • Spread security awareness [blog]

Long term:

  • Develop our dapp - improving everyday security experience for everyone - builds on Cardano blockchain
  • Creating a security-oriented learning platform

If you will have any question you can find us on Twitter @olimp_pool or discord

Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee
OLIMP / 10,000 ₳ / 340 ₳ / 3.5%
Contact email && / Twitter / discord
Pool ID / hash: db0b2d9cfe4d50d08de9a04e3c8f2e941a863545fad5d72db3dca284
Location: Germany/Poland


Hey @olimp_pool
its nice to have you here and i like your security focus and that you want to give security tips on your blog.

You have said that you are experts on the field of IT security and financial programs. Would you mind to introduce yourself a little bit more? The most of us love it to knew the people behind an project.

So i would be happy to see more of your project.

Greetings from Germany

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Hi @Jonny22,
Sorry for not being polite and not introduce ourselves properly.

The OLIMP pool is run by two guys Aeolus and Dionizos. We are working in the IT security field for some time now.

Dzionizos is currently teaching IT Security in an international company.
Aeolus does red teaming, purple teaming and gets involved in blue team operations for one of the top 30 biggest banks in the world.

Together with our experience, we would like to help others with security posturę focusing on the Cardano community but at the same time, we would like to reach other audiences too. That being said on our blog you will see soon articles touching on general security topics.

Delegating to our pool you are supporting us and helping us to reach our goals.


I’m a new guy here, but I’ll be so glad to know how this work by helping me to learn about it. To have more knowledge and understanding into it.

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Hi @kara_singhateh ,
We are always happy to help.
If you have any questions related to Cardano, stake pools, delegation you can have a look at the forum. Forum has different categorize which might be of interest for you. You can always visit our website which may have the information you are looking for.
You can always ask a question here or catch us on our discord [link in the first post] and we will try to help you :slight_smile:

Have a good day.

Thanks for ur kind reply.
I’ve interest about this, but it’s like still do not know how to start it and where to it.
It’s really interesting, and I know it’s helpful to the young folks to establish themselves. And becoming self entrepreneur…
I’ll be please to learn as a beginner…