Introducing ONEWorld Cardano Staking [ONEW]


My name is Jason and I am from down under (Sydney, Australia), I have been passionate about cryptocurrency since 2017 and have been following Cardano ever since.

My dream is to work full time in this space but until then my 9 to 5 job is as an Enterprise Infrastructure Architect.

Pool Information
Pool Name: ONEWorld Cardano Staking
Ticker: ONEW
Pledge: 150,000 ADA
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Pool Margin: 2%
Pool ID: 5485ec90f25b4b9b44ca240dd341092734a087bf90f1118a151688d6

Twitter: @oneworldcardan1
Telegram group:

Pool Infrastructure
We leverage the AWS ecosystem to run our stake pool operations, we have 7 servers running across 4 AWS regions (Germany, US, Japan, Australia), they comprise of 4 relays, 1 block producer with warm standby and 1 monitoring server.

All servers are configured to communicate with each other through the AWS internal backbone instead of the public Internet through VPC peering which improves security and optimises performance and cost.

Pool redundancy
In terms of the relays, we have 4 operating across four different regions providing ample redundancy at the same time ensuring we are well connected.

In terms of the block producing node where only one can be running at a time, we have configured a warm standby. The warm standby node is running as a passive node allowing it to remain in sync with the tip, we then have the required files located on the server in readiness to start up at the block producing node.

The warm standby is also running in the same security group as the block producer, in the event of outages to the block producer its simply a matter of flipping over the IP address (elastic IP) and starting the warm standby as the block producing node.

Operator Experience
My background and strength for the last two decades are in technology infrastructure, I have designed enterprise networks, data centres and cloud solutions for various organisations. My DevOps and Linux skills are relatively new in comparison however since being involved in the ITN from the start it has come a long way :blush:

Why Should users check out your pool?
We run a stake pool because we believe in this technology and want to contribute to the community. We believe this technology can change the world for the better and improve the lives of many through financial inclusion for all and we intend to be part of this contribution.


We also have a live dashboard on our website, this should be useful in providing some insights into the running of our nodes on the Cardano network.

Great information… Looks like you’ve got everything covered! Good luck

thanks, now the hardest part, getting delegators :slight_smile:

Short video created covering our story and our difference.

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Your website looks great! Very professional

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Thanks :smile:

At ONEWorld Cardano Staking we recognise the importance of maximising the up-time of our stake pool operations.

The following short video covers the key design elements we have taken onboard to ensure we achieve the maximum up-time possible.

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