Introducing PANL Stake Pool [PANL]

Hello Cardano Community, I am Ryan, one of the pool operators of PANL Stake pool. I’m interested in building a more fair financial future for all.

  • PANL / ₳30k pledge / ₳340 fixed fee / 1% variable fee
  • Website:`
  • Contact: Email: || Discord: rp5210#0416 || Telegram: rp5210 || Twitter: @PANL_Stakepool
  • Pool ID: 05e11c24a4de15366c6d548f8847589164d02260b6a059a08c22be2a
  • Location United States
  • Pool infrastructure:
    • All but one node run with 8 cores and 32g RAM
    • Two registered relays (US East and Singapore)
    • One public, unregistered relay (Ireland)
    • Four cloud DC hosted relays, two local DC hosted relays
    • Bare Metal Block Producer in local DC with local and cloud DC failover
  • Pool redundancy:
    • 24/7 monitoring on all pool infrastructure with notification system for any failover events
    • If automatic check of BP fails, the firewall for backup is opened allowing relays to fetch blocks.
    • When primary BP starts, it checks for existence of failover BP and if found sends the appropriate kill switch to the firewall.
  • Operator experience:
    • Over a decade in personal experience managing server deployments.
    • Among team members are Google, Microsoft, and AWS certified partners with over 40 years of combined experience.
  • Why should users check out your pool?
    • What are your long-term goals as a pool operator?
      Building a vibrant ecosystem that is fair, open, and available for all to participate.

    • Do you offer any secondary or tertiary services to users?
      We host three different SMASH servers that only list pools which are members of a given alliance in an effort to provide delegators an easy way to browse pools that align with a value they would like to support.

    • PANL also maintains a set of two wallets used to delegate to fellow SPOs from the community.

    • Why did you choose to build a business within the Cardano ecosystem?
      The Cardano community is just so strong. It became clear after a short time of interacting with the community that we wanted to contribute to the ecosystem for a long time to come.

For more updates, please check back into our website / social media channels linked above